The list of references of WINBRIDGE attesting to the success of its investments shows an outstanding risk-adjusted performance since 2010. This has not gone unnoticed in the sector and has led to a fund partnership with the well-known Mahrberg Group. WINBRIDGE 4X was established in Liechtenstein in collaboration with Mahrberg Wealth AG and its investment funds. The Mahrberg Group is a family office admitted by the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein and is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein. An executive board supported by an international team is in charge of its operations.



From a historical perspective, broad diversification and daily liquidity are extremely helpful ways of generating attractive portfolio returns with moderate volatility. In difficult market phases in particular, liquid alternative investments in the portfolio can be advantageous compared to shares and bond portfolios. The losses are smaller and investors still profit from the economic recovery later on.

Liquid alternative investments such as foreign exchange trading have been shown to combine the advantages of asset accumulation and asset preservation, representing an efficient solution for investors who want to lower risk but remain invested. When used for the purposes of diversification, liquid alternative investments can contribute to opening up additional sources of returns and in turn to controlling portfolio volatility.

WINBRIDGE 4X mainly trades in foreign exchanges but also in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to a lesser extent. It optimises its trading strategy continuously on the basis of a range of risk-adjusted performance metrics in order to maximise its returns within these parameters. Developed and tested in house, its trading strategy is based on highly complex mathematical and statistical models. The trading software analyses price changes extensively in real time and makes trading decisions in the moment which are carried out immediately as purchases or sales. Automated risk mitigation measures guarantee that the software adheres to a predefined risk profile. Trading takes place on specially secure proprietary infrastructure and only with partners which have been certified as compliant.

Ever since the strategy was developed in 2008, the WINBRIDGE currency team has been one of the leading providers in the field of quantitative currency management.


WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH has an integrated, interdisciplinary team of specialists in the following fields:


The investment advisor for the portfolio of WINBRIDGE 4X – WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH – is under the supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), reports to the Deutsche Bundesbank and is subject to the German Banking Act (KWG) and the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG). This means that WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH has to comply with the strictest investment guidelines which are controlled by regulatory law and document its compliance. Compliance with these investment guidelines is mandatory under the German Banking Act (KWG) and requires continuous adherence to comprehensive risk behaviour checks and subsequent reviews. Evidence must also be kept that these mandatory checks are being adhered to and conducted. Additionally, WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH is a member of EdW, a German compensation scheme for securities trading companies.


WINBRIDGE 4X is defined as an investment instrument which uses its specially regulated character to generate investment opportunities that differ significantly from the opportunities of traditional investment instruments. WINBRIDGE 4X strategies focus on the idiosyncratic risk in order to maximise the income generated using sophisticated, proven algorithms regardless of the market environment.

“The interesting thing about foreign exchange trading is that it is independent of the markets. We have no preferred exchange rates – as long as the currencies move, we can profit from it regardless of how the markets are performing. This gives us a colossal advantage: independence.”




Please note: The image does not show the past yields of the fund, but rather the performance of the investment advisor with regard to other portfolios he has managed with a similar strategy.

Disclaimer: Securities are purchased exclusively on the basis of the sales documents (the current prospectus, the management rules and the reports). For this reason, you cannot base your decision to make an investment solely on the information presented here. Up-to-date versions of the sales documents in German are available free of charge from the portfolio manager, the depositary bank and the fund manager. Details of price trends in the past are no guarantee of future outcomes and do not necessarily guarantee positive trends in the future. For information about opportunities and risks, please refer to the current prospectus and the key information for investors. The WINBRIDGE 4X fact sheet will be published along with the current net asset value (NAV) at the end of the pre-seed phase!


As part of the European Economic Area, the Principality of Liechtenstein is an integral part of the largest single market in the world. As the legal regulations of the European Union are incorporated into national law, especially in the financial sector, every fund from Liechtenstein is suitable for investors throughout Europe. The Principality is one of the few countries in the world with a AAA rating representing political and financial stability.


Logo Mahrberg


The Mahrberg Group is a global asset and asset management organisation which is regulated by the financial markets. Mahrberg provides comprehensive asset, portfolio and allocation management as well as family office services, fund design and structure and strategic management. In addition to its headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Mahrberg has branches in Italy, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and the Seychelles.


Dr Alessandro Nitti is the Chairperson of the Investment Committee at the Mahrberg Group and is the former executive director of JP Morgan. As one of the most distinguished family officers in Europe, Dr Nitti embodies unrivalled expertise and a clear set of values.



WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH based in Munich – a subsidiary of WINBRIDGE AG, Zurich – specialises in quantitative, fully automated trading systems in liquid markets. Its outstanding, risk-adjusted performance makes WINBRIDGE unique. Investors enjoy maximum transparency with zero compromises in terms of the strictest regulatory standards.

Daniel Kuster

“In addition to the extremely innovative nature of our company, as the CEO of WINBRIDGE AG in Zurich I feel bound to Switzerland’s traditional reputation as a financial centre. As such, personal commitment, proximity to clients and integrity are our top priorities.”

Daniel Frei

“Our quantitative trading systems were developed in-house in their entirety on the basis of proven algorithms, systematic investment strategies and scientific methods. The result: Sustainable performance for a strong financial future for our investors. As the Managing Director of WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH (Munich), I am extremely proud of what we were able to achieve. We are ready and more than willing to write new chapters in our success story!”


Fund type:Alternative investment fund for private and professional investors
Regulated by:Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein
Investment focus:Primarily foreign exchange trading
Recommended minimum investment:€ 25,000
Price determination:Monthly
Fund currency:EUR, CHF and USD
Profit appropriation:Plough back
Taxes:No taxes apply on the level of a fund in Liechtenstein. In the countries of residence of the investors, tax assessments are conducted when the fund is set up so the investments can be presented transparently in terms of tax.
Portfolio manager: Mahrberg Wealth AG
Investment advisor:WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH
Administrator (AIFM): Caiac Fund Management AG
Depositary bank: National Bank of Liechtenstein
Auditor: Grant Thornton (Liechtenstein) AG
Tax advisor in Germany: PwC Germany
Subscription fee:Up to 6%
Redemption fee:Up to 2%
Portfolio management costs:2%
Administrative costs:0,15%
Depositary bank costs:0,11%
Risk management costs:0.15%
Share register costs:0,04%

WINBRIDGE 4X itself does not charge a performance fee, but rather invests in other financial instruments which charge a performance fee of up to 20%.

MAHRBERG WEALTH AG · Industriestrasse 2 · 9487 Bendern · Principality of Liechtenstein
WINBRIDGE Asset Management GmbH · Heimeranstraße 37 · 80339 Munich · Germany