We are making a crucial difference in the market for investments in liquid markets through our transparency and sophisticated range of services. In order to meet our clients’ highest expectations, we offer a service that sets a new benchmark in terms of automation, efficiency and speed.

Be it managed accounts, fund units or blockchain technology, volatile, alternative capital investments in liquid markets provide a diversified source of returns regardless of the market environment. This paves the way for long-term outperformance which can help you achieve stable investment conditions.

We develop tailored, quantitative investment solutions with underlying rule-based decision-making algorithms and risk management processes. We continuously factor the latest developments in the fields of research and information technology into our development process, not to mention the exponential increase in the volume of data.



As an asset class, foreign exchange offers many possibilities for diversification and is largely uncorrelated with other asset classes. Supported by our active-quantitative management, which actively seeks and exploits opportunities, as well as monitoring and managing the risks of exchange rates, which are in continuous flux.

Managed Accounts

Our managed accounts are probably the most transparent, most liquid and most honest form of capital investment:

Managed Accounts WINBRIDGE


“Cryptocurrency” is an umbrella term for virtual currencies which can be used as digital means of payment. These virtual currencies are known for their extreme volatility, but also for their breathtakingly high yields.

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